Monday, May 16, 2011


I stumbled upon this and found it well written and amazing  ~Mimsey~

WARNING: The following work is intended for readers that are 18+ and may contain material not suitable for everyone. Those readers who might be easily offended or upset by reading sexually deviant works I suggest not read my work.

Rape me, beat me, love me

The dream starts so simply. I open her door and walk in seeing her lying on Amanda bed using her lab top. I lie down on my back next to her and close my eyes instantly feeling completely exhausted from the day’s work. She crawls over and smiles at me, then leans down kissing my lips softly. “Please stay awake” she softly begged him seeing him laying there. “I can barely keep my eyes open let alone kiss you” I reply half awake. Amanda smiles and throwing a leg over my hips pressing down with her body weight has her hips settle on top of mine. She thrust her hips forward grinding against my hips still covered by my shorts and boxers while she wore her usual sweat pants. There was total silence or so it seemed like it. I heard nothing and every attempt to move away was in vain. I was too tired to even try and break free from what she was doing and anything that I wanted to say just wouldn’t escape my lips. I felt like a helpless doll has the silence grew over both of us and her body kept thrusting down on mine. Suddenly she stops and retreats to the side. A sigh of relief escapes my lips and I close my eyes feeling the need to sleep growing heavier. I awake to a tug of my shorts. I’m still tired, but my hand tries to grab them and hold them to me. However, has they get to my hips they’ve already been pulled past my knee. I try the other side and again my tired body moves too slowly to catch them from being pulled down. I open my eyes and tilt my head forward to see what is happening only to find her crawling her way over wearing what appears to be only a shirt. My heart pounds and I tense feeling scared and nervous of what is happening to me, knowing that I’m helpless now. She climbs back on top of me to grind against me yet again only this time not stopping until her obvious objection is completed. Has she starts to grind her hand reaches down to my chest and grips my chest sinking her nails through my shirt to grip my chest. I let out a howl of pain feeling her gripping me and my body shudders has my head falls to the side whimpering. My eyes and hands clench shut and hold tightly has I reluctantly feel myself wanting her to do more. My legs tense and I can’t move away. I’m frozen in place has she slowly is able to get me more and more aroused. I feel her getting wet has she grinds over me. Her grip on my chest getting tighter has she finds more enjoyment in what she is doing. Eventually she lets me slip inside of her suddenly of her. It glides in easily. I open my mouth, but no sound is able to escape my lips. She squeals in delight and quickens her pacing in delight. My mind screams and begs for this to stop or let it be a bad dream, any thing other than the reality it seems. My heart beats fast and heavy and hard. I can feel it pound through my chest. Amanda pulls at my chest feeling herself getting caught in the delight. Her hands let go and clench into fist and start swinging wildly has she moves over me. The fists hit me randomly with surprising force leaving heavy red marks instantly. Grunts and howls of pain find their way out while I’m pelted with her fists. She begins to hit me harder now only hitting my chest her climax starting to peak hearing the sounds escape my lips and feeling me move inside of her. I feel myself instinctively orgasm at the acknowledgement of giving her one. She feels the stream burst inside of her and returns it whimper loudly, her hands pushing down on my chest all the while. She falls forward and I slip out of her. I gasp and cry softly a rush of feelings swimming through me. She catches her breath the lifts her head, cocking it instantly confused. “Whats wrong?” she asks softly. I manage to wrap my arms around her and let them cling to her still crying softly. The tears stroll down my cheeks “Hold me… love me”.

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